What wine pairings did Cardinal Sforza make?

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An excellent service to the tradition of combining wine and culinary art was done in the famous letter by Sante Lancerio, written in 1559 to Cardinal Guido Ascanio Sforza about the nature and quality of wines and their suitability to accompany various foodstuffs.

Cardinal Allesandro Sforza

It seems to me whimsical to take up a chapter devoted to an ancient wine from Campania.

"Greco di Somma has been coming to Ripa Romana since Kingdom of Naples, from the mountain of Somma, 12 miles from Naples. These are very smoky and powerful wines, and can be drunk throughout a meal, but they offend the stomach too much, especially at the beginning, but there are some that are not smoky and odoriferous.

In order to know their perfection, they must be non-smoky and want to be golden in colour, stomach-churning and odoriferous.

This wine likes clear wine much more than any other kind of wine. H.H. used to drink it at every meal, once or twice, when he was in his perfection, and he still wanted some on his travels, Yes, because such wine does not pate labour, yes, because he wanted it to bathe his eyes every morning and also to bathe his manly parts, but he wanted it to be six or eight years old, which was more perfect.


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