Bever Vin with Lambrusco Mantovano

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Written By Gilberto Mattei


Healthy eating in Lombardy

Four bowls of chicken broth, forty well-cooked agnolini (cappelletti), four glasses of Lambrusco Mantovano.

The bevr'in vin is a kind of ritual that opens Mantua's festive lunches.
Get a bowl for each diner and fill it with boiling broth and a few well-cooked lamb noodles (a maximum of ten per bowl).
Have fun with online casino free. Each diner will then pour in their preferred amount of Lambrusco Mantovano, which you will have been careful to bring to the table at temperature
ambience. The broth takes on a colouring that may not be entirely pleasing to some, but the marriage of flavours is instead extremely harmonious.


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