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Written By Gilberto Mattei

Red wine from the Piedmont region: Bramaterra wine.

When dealing with relevant wines grown within the Piedmont region, it is mandatory to talk about the Bramaterra wine, a red wine of great importance and historicity.

It is with the harvest of Nebbiolo, Croatina, Bonarda and Vespolina grapes that the Bramaterra, vines grown in the Vercelli and Biella areas from which a distinctive and unmistakable wine is derived.

Bramaterra wine in appearance and on the palate.

It is with the sense of smell, taste and sight that all the natural organoleptic characteristics of an important wine come to light; this is why the tasting of a DOC wine passes through the examination of the 5 senses.

Bramaterra wine presents itself to our eyes with a garnet-red colour tending towards orange that is pleasing to the eye and results from the selection of the grapes that make it up. To the nose the Bramaterra wine reveals itself to be ethereal with hints of vola and rose, likewise on the palate what emerges is a full, dry flavour with a bitter aftertaste.

Bramaterra wine at the table.

It is preferable to put on the table the wineor Bramaterra at a serving temperature of more or less 18-20 degrees with red meat, game, fois gras, mature cheeses. Frequently, the trick to a perfectly successful dish turns out to be simply knowing how to serve it with the most suitable quality wine.

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