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Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine:

red wine directly from the Valle d'Aosta region.


One of the most characteristic wines of the Aosta Valley region is the Donnas wine Aosta Valley and the beginning of its cultivation is dated before 1200.

The Donnas wine Aosta Valley is a red wine and is made from exclusive grape varieties such as Nebbiolo (85%) and other red grapes.

Organoleptic characteristics of Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine.

A quality wine has the capacity to satisfy, through its inherent organoleptic properties, all the senses of the one who tastes it, and in this Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine seems to succeed easily.

Opening a bottle the wine Donnas Aosta Valley It flaunts a ruby red colour with garnet veins while the nose is fruity, spicy and intense. But it is the flavour that distinguishes a fine wine from ordinary wines. When tasted, Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine appears dry and savoury with a delicate bitterish aftertaste.

Degrees of Donnas Aosta Valley and ageing.

The Donnas Aosta Valley is a wine with an alcohol content of about 11, 5 (the superior 12, 5) degrees and the period of maturation after which it is best enjoyed is 5-8 years. Every vintage, about 370 hectolitres of Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine are produced, which corresponds to about 50000 bottles.

If you want to try the real Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine, you can go to the Donnas area and surrounding villages.

What Donnas Valle d'Aosta wine goes with.

The ability to match the most delicious dishes with a good wine appears to be one of those peculiarities that can enhance your dinner. The wine Donnas Aosta Valley is especially suitable for serving with meat and game, cheese.

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