Sole fillets in Frascati sauce with mushrooms

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for four people:

  • two sole weighing about four grams each,
  • two hundred grams of porcini mushrooms,
  • two hectolitres of tomato pulp
  • eighty grams of butter,
  • a spring onion,
  • a small handful of parsley,
  • half a bay leaf,
  • little flour,
  • half a bottle of Frascati,
  • salt, white pepper.

Time required

about an hour and a half

Difficulty: OD

Note: the degree of difficulty of the recipes is expressed with the symbols D (easy execution), OD (medium difficulty), ODO (recipe requiring some skill).


Clean the sole and fillet them. Finely chop the skins, heads, bones and offcuts of the fish, pour them into a saucepan, add some chopped parsley and onion, the sieved tomato pulp, bay leaf, season with salt and pepper and pour in the wine.

Bring to the boil over moderate heat and continue cooking for about a quarter of an hour. Strain through a sieve, return to the heat and reduce by about one third.

Complete the sauce, off the heat, with thirty grams of butter, stirring it in a little at a time. Keep the sauce warm in a bain-marie.

Clean the mushrooms by rubbing them with a damp cloth, slice them and cook them with twenty grams of butter and a pinch of salt.

Season the sole fillets with a little salt and pepper, flour them lightly and fry them in the remaining butter. Drain them well browned, arrange them in a crown on a serving dish and sprinkle them with the sauce.

Decorate the centre of the plate with the mushrooms, sprinkle with the remaining chopped parsley and serve.

Wine Pairing

Accompany with Frascati o Erbaluce di Caluso o Tocai del Col/io o Vermentino o Capri Bianco.

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