Colline Novaresi DOC wine

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Written By Gilberto Mattei

Red and white wine directly from the Piedmont region: Colline Novaresi wine.

It is mandatory to mention the Colline Novaresi wine; red and white wine of great importance and historicity among the fine wines produced within the Piedmont region.

It is through the harvest of Nebbiolo, Rara, Nespolina and Croatina grapes that the Novarese Hills. Vines cultivated in the areas of Barengo, Boca, Bogogno, Borgomanero, Briona, Fara Novarese, Ghemme, Romagnano Sesia, Oleggio, Sizzano, Vaprio d'Agogna and Novara.

Colline Novaresi wine sensations.

The act of tasting a good wine is realised through sensory analysis; it is in fact through smell, taste and sight that all the natural characteristics of a quality wine emerge.

The Colline Novaresi wine derives its more or less deep red colour, typical of the DOC, from the selection of vines that make it up. In the mouth what stands out is a full, dry and harmonious taste; while to the nose the wine Novara Hills appears vinous and intense.

The gradation of the Novara Hills is about 11 degrees while the correct ageing period is about 24 months.! The correct ageing time after which it is advisable to open the wine is approximately 24 months. The gradation of Novara Hills is approximately 11 degrees.

What wine goes with Colline Novaresi.

It is preferable to serve the wine Novara Hills at a serving temperature of 16-17 degrees. It should be served with boiled meat, roast meat, cold cuts and white meat.

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