The Best Pairings of Wines, Shellfish and Oysters

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Written By Gilberto Mattei

Sparkling wines and shellfish

Generally speaking, all so-called raw 'seafood' can go well with good Italian sparkling wines. Also with dry, quiet, medium-bodied whites.

A Chardonnay wine, for example, can be a good solution. This is on condition that it is a fairly young wine and above all that it has not been aged in barriques.

Dry whites

Sparkling wines also accompany the shells cooked au naturel and au gratin. These preparations also go well with fairly soft dry whites with a strong floral and fruity aroma such as the Tocai friulano: Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi or Frascati.

Mussel soups also want dry white wines quite soft, floral and fruity in the olfactory sensations. The wine Terre di Franciacortafor example, or a Pinot Grigio are right for us.

On the subject of shellfish, there is a long-standing dispute among gastronomes about the possible combination of wine and oysters: opinions are conflicting.


Oysters and Champagne: an intriguing symbol of luxury.

Indeed, there are those who think that great sparkling wines go very well with raw shellfish.

But others are completely against this and accept at best very light white wines. A third faction demands white wines with good structure.

But a fourth current is growing by leaps and bounds: the one that for oysters chooses an aromatic and light Moscato d'Asti, served well chilled.

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