Wine and Ravioli what are the best pairings?

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Written By Gilberto Mattei

If for pasta the sauce counts, for ravioli, wine and stuffing counts. If we want to unite the various types of stuffed pasta typical of the various Italian regional traditions under this name, when choosing wine pairings, attention must be paid to the filling.

ravioli and wine pairing

The filling or stuffing can be vegetables, meat, game or fish. With agnolotti, casoncelli and other types of meat-filled ravioli we will choose red wines young, dry, medium-bodied, with a fruity aroma and little tannin: a Piedmontese Dolcetto, one Barbera from Oltrepò Pavese, or a Merlot or a Valcalepiofor example, also taking into account the intensity of the flavour of the cheeses used together with the meat when choosing.

If the stuffing is game, more robust, mature wines with character are required, such as aagnolotti pairing with wine Barolo or one Barbera d'Asti aged.

A dry white wine, with good acidity, soft, fruity, such as wine, goes well with the fish filling Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesithe Luganathe Five Lands or the Langhe Favorita.

Another type of filled pasta is one with herb-based fillings: spinach ravioli can be paired with a young, fresh red of acidity such as a Refosco or a Merlot, the typical Ligurian pansotti with herbs served with walnut sauce go very well with a white wine such as Pigato, the classic cialzons from Carnia (filled with meat, eggs, cheese and

wine and Agnolotti Piemontese food pairings

herbs) want more whites: a Tocai Friulano or a Riesling.

Mantuan pumpkin tortelli, having a strong aromatic and spicy component, go well with the Gewùrztrarniner, with Mùller Thurgau or with the Riesling.

And then there are the regional traditions. In Bologna, tortellini in broth are served strictly with the Lambrusco di Sorbara in an almost perfect match.

And in Mantua the Lambrusco Mantovano is the ideal groom for the agnoli in brothso much so that some even pour a glass of wine inside the dish, creating an unmissable delicacy: the drink in wine.

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