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Asti wine:

sweet white wine from the Piedmont region.


The Asti DOCG wine is one of the most famous wines from Piedmont and the grape variety has been cultivated since 1600.

Asti wine is a white wine and is made from sought-after grape varieties such as Moscato bianco.

Asti wine in appearance and on the palate.

Let us now go on to explain the organoleptic sensations that distinguish Asti wine and allow it to be identified as one of the most prized national wines.

Tasting it the taste of Asti wine is sweet and aromatic with a pleasant acidic structure and a bright straw-yellow colour. It should be noted that the pleasure of savouring it begins from the very first moment of tasting, as its fantastic perfume with aromas of orange blossom, acacia, wisteria and honey will satisfy the nose.

Asti DOCG wine: ageing and gradation.

Asti is a wine with an alcohol content of approximately 12 degrees, while the ageing period during which it is ideally consumed is several months, not years. Approximately 525,000 hl of Asti are harvested each season. Asti wine which corresponds to about 70000000 bottles.

The locations in Italy where the cultivation of Asti are more developed are the territories of Canelli and Pessione.

Asti wine at the table.

The ability to combine the most delicious food with a quality wine is one of the things that can enhance your table. The Asti wine is especially ideal with desserts, fruit and dry pastries.

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