Erbaluce di Caluso

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Erbaluce di Caluso wine:

white wine from the Piedmont region.

Wine Erbaluce di Caluso seems to have begun its cultivation in our country as early as the 16th century through the use of Erbaluce grapes.

Since that date, Erbaluce di Caluso wine has been one of the most typical white wines of the Piedmont region where most of the cultivation centres are located.

Organoleptic characteristics of Erbaluce di Caluso wine.

A DOC wine has the capacity to satisfy, through its organoleptic properties, the sense of smell and palate of the person tasting it. In this capacity the Erbaluce wine of Caluso looks absolutely excellent.

Observing the Erbaluce di Caluso wine appears a brilliant straw yellow colour while the bouquet is elegant with notes of fruit and flowers. However, it is the taste that distinguishes a fine wine from everyday wines. On the palate Erbaluce di Caluso wine is dry with a light almond undertone.

Where Erbaluce di Caluso is produced.

The Erbaluce di Caluso is a wine with an alcohol content of 11, 5 (passito goes up to 17) degrees approximately while the ageing time after which it is ideal for consumption is 2-3 years. Approximately 496 hectolitres of Erbaluce di Caluso wine are harvested every season, which corresponds to approximately 66100 bottles.

Should you wish to experience the real Erbaluce di Caluso wine you can go to the territories of Caluso, Roppolo, San Giorgio Canavese, Cuceglio and Strambino.

What Erbaluce di Caluso wine should be paired with.

Knowing how to pair the most delicious dishes with a good wine is one of the things that enhance your table. The wine Erbaluce di Caluso is ideal especially with freshwater fish, eggs, desserts.

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