What wines did the great philosopher HEGEL drink?

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The great German philosopher who lived between 1700 and 1800 , his enjoyment of wine also gives us an insight into what was being drunk in Europe, Germany, Italy, France, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from the biography of Hegel written by Professor Klaus Vieweg, an emeritus professor who taught philosophy for a very long time at the University of Jena, where the important philosophical current of idealism was established in this prestigious Thuringian university.

The philosopher Hegel strolled through the small streets of Tübingen (Germany) and did not abide by the curfew that was in force at the time, accepted the post of tutor in Frankfurt from the banker and wine merchant Gogel.

The German philosopher spent a lot of money buying wine, For him, the nectar of the God Bacchus was a source of literary inspiration and philosophical meditation, and in the towns where he lived, everything is known about the wine he drank and the inns he frequented.

The fundamental thought of Hegel's philosophy is the Geist, the spirit which can also be interpreted in ethyl sensehe through the so-called spirit of wine was able to elaborate his philosophy.

For Hegel, wine was a divine nectar golden, limpid and fiery and therefore vital for understanding thought and the world, the Hegelian spirit empathises with the bottle and through it he expresses the utmost of his philosophy.

The German philosopher mostly drank the wines of the Holy Roman Empire particularly of the Rhine area, today this area is very important: wine from the Palatinate (Pfalz), 'Mosel wine' ('Moselwein', 'Mosel'), wine from Baden.

When travelling to Greece, the great German philosopher opted for the following wine: Wine from Samos; when visiting Spain, Hegel drank: Wine from Malaga.

When he travelled to Austria, he scientifically sipped wine: Austrian wine from Nubdorf, a village near Vienna, an area famous for its wine cellars, but when the sublime philosopher travelled to France Hegel tasted the following French wines: Wine from the Marne (Marne Valley, famous for champagne), Wine from Burgundy, Wine from Bordeaux (the 1779 vintage is precisely mentioned).

Other wines that the supreme philosopher consumed in Germany: Wurzburger Steinwein (Wurzburg rock wine), a white wine from Franconia (Franken, in yellow), which gets its name from the limestone soil and rich in fossils from the great vineyard ; Wurzburger Steinhegelwein is the most widespread vineyard in Germany (fourth largest wine producer).

He had a great love for Riesling and Gewurztraminer from the Palatinate (Pfalz), for Chasselas (it slightly resembles Champagne)is a grape variety that originates in Switzerlandan excellent white wine is obtained.

The great philosopher favoured several French wines: the Malbec of CahorsFrench white wine, the Bordeaux of Medocthe Haut Sauterne wine botrytised from France; another favourite wine of the great philosopher Hegel was the red wine Lacryma Cristi, the 'wine of Vesuvius', today we also find this wine in white.

This wine was drunk by Hegel when he was appointed rector of the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Berlin in 1829, this wine came directly from Pompeii, the connection he had with this Lacryma Cristi wine was his relationship he had with the Catholic religion, which was certainly hostile, in fact in his inauguration speech the philosopher makes a biting irony about the name of this wine that recalled the spiritual and religious aspect.

Author: Prince Don Roberto d'Amato, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Political and Economic and Social Sciences, Doctor of History.

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