Wine and fruit pairing

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Written By Gilberto Mattei

Wine and fruit pairing is difficult. It may therefore seem strange to dwell on the wine-fruit combination. But one must consider that fruit is also used to prepare desserts, fruit salads or even side dishes for meat dishes.

So the combination of wine and fruit you can try it, provided that citrus fruits, the declared enemies of wine, are not at stake.

So no wine with fruit salads full of orange pieces or strawberries with lemon. Care must also be taken with liqueurs:
whether fruit cake or fruit salad have acquired a pronounced taste of the liqueur possibly used in the preparation, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a wine for pairing.

For the rest, for fruit-based recipes one should generally go for the more or less sweet wines.

Sweet wines are ideal with fresh fruit preparationswhether white or red. If there is cooked or dried fruit in the recipe (such as apricots or prunes, not to be confused with dried fruit such as walnuts or almonds), more distinctly sweet wines are generally used.

The passito wines in particular support the pronounced sweetness of sultana preparations very well.

We have already said of jams and fruit preserves: no wine (except when combined in small quantities with mature cheeses).

With fruit ice-creams the note becomes a sore point, because wine is generally out of the picture.

Meat dishes, and more often game dishes, with fruit garnishes (these are typical preparations of the of South Tyrol ): in this case it is certainly not the fruit flavour that prevails, but the strong flavour of meat. One therefore tends towards the red wines dry, medium-bodied.

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