Cabernet is a fine red wine produced mainly using the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. This grape variety is native to the Bordeaux region of France, but is now cultivated in many parts of the world, including Italy, the United States, Chile and Australia.

Cabernet wine is known for its full-bodied and intense flavor, with notes of ripe black fruit, spices and notes of wood due to aging in
oak barrels
. In addition, it has a well-present tannin that balances perfectly with
, ensuring a long gustatory persistence.

Cabernet Sauvignon is often used to produce pure wines, but it can also be blended with other grape varieties, such as Merlot or Cabernet Franc, to create complex and balanced wines. In any case, Cabernet is an ideal wine to accompany red meat dishes, such as roast, braised meat, grilled or beef fillet, but it can also be served with aged cheeses or international dishes, such as couscous or chili con carne.

Cabernet is a wine that lends itself to aging, especially when it is produced with high quality grapes and is
in oak barrels. Due to its structure and complexity, it can be stored for many years, ripening and developing new aromatic and taste nuances. In addition, Cabernet is often considered one of the most iconic wines in the world, with a history and tradition that span centuries.

In summary, Cabernet is a fine, full-bodied and intense red wine, produced mainly using the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Thanks to its versatility, it goes perfectly with many dishes, but it is particularly suitable to accompany red meat dishes. In addition, thanks to its ability to age, Cabernet is an ideal choice for those who wish to explore high-quality wines and their maturation potential.

It is recognized with denomination of controlled origin (DOC).

Production grapes

It is produced by cutting grapes of the Cabernet frane and Cabernet Sauvignon vines. I do not indicate the percentages of blending as they may vary depending on the winemaking criteria adopted by individual producers.

The color

when young, it is bright ruby red; It takes on bright orange reflections after a few years of aging.

The smell

Characteristic and pleasant, vaguely reminiscent of freshly cut grass.

The taste

It is dry and full. When tasted, it offers a slight tannic presence.

Alcohol content

The alcohol content is around 11.5 °; In good years, it can reach 12.5-13 °.


Considered a great wine, it easily bears (and even benefits) a long aging. This, the cellar treatment: spent 2 years (in some cases, even 3) in barrels of Slavonian oak and in a very dark cellar, far from noise and at a constant temperature (13-15 C), it is bottled in Bordeaux of very dark brown color in which it is kept in a horizontal position and begins the real aging that can last 7-8 and even 10 years.



requires some attention; especially if it is a wine of 5-6 years: transfer the bottle from the cellar at room temperature (18-20 C) and leave it, corked and in a horizontal position (use, for the need, the appropriate bottle-holder basket), for at least 4 hours. Uncork it and keep it open for another 2 hours before pouring. If the Cabernet is considerably older, uncork the bottle and pour the contents into a carafe for decanting, leaving it uncovered for at least 2 hours.

Food and wine pairing

Here are some recommended pairings:

  • Red meats: Cabernet is perfect with steaks, roasts and beef fillets, but it also goes well with game such as venison and lamb.
  • Aged cheeses: aged cheeses, such as Pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano, have an intense flavor that balances well with the tannic structure of Cabernet.
  • Spicy dishes: Cabernet is able to balance the spicy of dishes such as chili con carne, chicken cacciatore and curry.
  • Mushrooms: The earthy flavor of mushrooms goes well with Cabernet, which has a similar taste.
  • Dark chocolate: Cabernet can be combined with dark chocolate desserts, which has an intense and bitter taste that goes well with the tannins of the wine.

However, the food-wine pairing is always subjective and depends on personal taste, so do not hesitate to experiment and find your favorite pairing!

Then it goes deliciously with veal and roast pork, with kid, lamb and roasted mutton and on a spit, with roast rabbit, with game birds (coturnici, partridges, pheasants, quails).

Production Centers

The production centers are located in the territories of the municipalities of Nals, Termeno, Caldaro (province of Bolzano).

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